Information About TREC

TREC Staff List:

Principal: Kent Brewer

Vice Principal: Beth Dye

Secretary: Patricia Skalozub

Secretary: Cheryl Leduc:

Counsellor: Kiki Vandermeulen

L.A.R.T: Tony Marasco

Bridges Program: Sandip Sadhra

Directed Suspension: Robb Dolson

Osprey/Sky: Any Hilton

Math/Science: Stephany Dean

Math/Science: Neil Whitmore

Art: Lisa Bucher

Humanities: Tracy Noble

Humanities: Erin Fletcher

Certified Education Assistant: Tracey Howden

Certified Education Assistant: David Nielsen

Certified Education Assistant: Leslie Bentley

Aboriginal Education Worker: Geri Thomas


Four Directions Staff List:

Program Coordinator: Jordan Smith

Math/Science: Courtney Markin

Humanities: Jordan Smith

Certified Education Assistant: Robert Arychuk

Aboriginal Education Worker: Laverne Tremblay


Street School/KRCC Staff List:

Erika Dabner:

Pete Grinberg:

Jason Karpuk:

Nick Karpluk:

Erin Khelouiati:

Amy Hilton:

Tonia Gillespie - Outreach Worker

 Counselling Steno



  • Once a student has been referred to TREC, and all the necessary documentation is provided by the referring school, TREC’s counselling secretary will call the parent/guardian and set up an intake meeting.  The referring school will remain responsible for academic programming until confirmation of transition is completed by TREC counselling steno.  Until such time, please contact the referring school if you have any questions.
  • All students (with a parent or guardian) must come and meet with Ms. Kiki Vandermeulen to get set up at TREC.   This meeting will take approximately one hour. 
  • All students will start with a partial program.  They can build up their schedule after a month if they have been attending regularly and completing work in class.

Courses offered:

English 9, 10, 11 & 12

Eng 10 is now referred to as Composition 10/Literary Studies 10

Science 9 & 10

Career Life Education 10


11 & 12


Science 11

Math 9 and Math 9 Essentials

Art 10, 11 & 12

PE 10-12

Social Studies 9, 10 & 11

Biology 11

Math Foundations 10, 11 & 12

Family Studies 11 & 12

Law 12


Geography 12

Workplace Math 10 & AWM 11

Psychology 11 & 12

Comparative Civilizations 12

All courses are available in course completion (where students work at their own pace).  They can pick up the class from where they left off at their last school. 


If a student stays with us and meets regular graduation requirements, the diploma they receive is the same that they would receive from any other school.  Diplomas are sent out by the Ministry of Education and are the same for all schools.  Students on a regular program have the same requirements for graduation as all other students in the province.  We also have some students on Adult Graduation programs and some on School Completion Certificates. 

Modified Student:

TREC has limited options for modified students.  They can attend a half day program with the emphasis on functional academics.  Art is the only elective that we offer students on a modified program.




Twin Rivers Education Centre

Work Habit Definitions







Classroom work


Quality of work is consistent with student ability


Quality of work is generally consistent with student ability



Work often shows little care or effort





Consistently models expected classroom  behaviour


Generally meets behavioral expectations


Often displays inappropriate behaviour





Consistently interacts respectfully with staff, peers and the learning environment



Generally interacts respectfully with staff, peers and the learning environment


Acts disrespectfully to staff, peers or the learning environment



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