The Alternate Education Program at TREC is for students who are 14-19 years of age.  Typically, students attend the program in the morning or in the afternoon and work on completing at least two courses per semester.  Some elective courses are available.  Entry to the program is based on a referral from the student’s home school to Twin Rivers.

Four Directions Secondary School

The Four Directions Secondary School provides an alternate learning environment designed to serve secondary students of Aboriginal ancestry who are more likely to succeed in a smaller, more personal, and flexible setting.  In addition, the program includes a significant focus on Aboriginal culture and a variety of out of school activities.  Entry to the program is based on a referral from the student’s home school to Twin Rivers.

The Bridges Program is an intervention program located at TREC designed to assist younger students who are having difficulties in the transition from elementary to the secondary system. The program focuses on the individual needs of students while emphasizing core subjects (reading, writing and math), social responsibility skills and community interactions. The main goal is the successful reintegration into a local high school.

Directed Suspension is a safe, secure environment for students who are suspended for violating the Alcohol and Drug Policy or for students from the TREC site who need an alternative learning situation.  Students are in the Victoria Street classroom for half of the day and go on Community Service work for the remaining hours.  Home schools provide the schoolwork that must be completed.  Students also attend a counseling session with the Phoenix Centre.  Suspensions for other violations of School District Policy can also be referred.

This program offers the schooling for youth on probation already working with either the Osprey or Sky Program.  It is located at the downtown classroom

This program is for mothers, or expectant mothers, who are fourteen to twenty-four years old and pursuing academic upgrading, college preparation or job readiness skills.  Academic and elective courses are taught through a TREC teacher.

Twin Rivers Education Centre offers the Adult Dogwood Diploma to clients at the Kamloops Regional Corrections Centre (KRCC) and Street School, located in Northills Mall as well as to members of the Skeetchesen Indian Band. Graduated Adults may also take courses at Street School for fee.

Students in grade 8 and 9 who would like to take their schooling in an online format with the opportunity to met the teacher weekly can attend the Online Middle School. Registration occurs directly at the site.